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Dear Dr. Birnbach,
I’ve had a lot of dental procedures, especially since I have head/neck chemo-radiation treatments. I’ve had so many crowns since my teeth have become brittle after my treatments, so having several dentists doing this work over the years, I had low expectations today. Although my initial visit was very different than any previous visits, meaning the time and effort to get all questions and an understanding that this dentist office is different than any I’ve been to before. From having a blanket put over my legs to all the personal care from each staff member, this is not your father’s dentist. I had four teeth worked on for crown work all on the right side and to my surprise, the numbness wore off very easily and quicker after leaving the office than I’ve ever experienced before. Now 8 hours after the procedure, I can barely tell that I had any work done. Typically, I would not comment on any medical treatment I’ve had as I have been through so many, but if you are looking for a first rate experience in dentistry, BoulderSmiles with Dr. Birnbach and team will take the sting out of your dentist visit.

Many thanks,

I first went to Dr. Birnbach to get a second opinion after another dentist told me I had nine cavities. Birnbach told me I had ten! I had those filled, and I’ve mostly been cavity-free since then. He is a BRILLIANT and AMAZING dentist. More than any other doctor of any type I’ve ever met, he takes the time to understand what’s causing the problems. Other dentists would run the drill and send the bill. Mark sat down and examined every X-ray he could find, from all my previous dentists, and talked about my life, to figure out what was going on. He noticed worn and pitted teeth that no one else had, and made up a mouthguard to prevent more damage. It seemed crazy expensive at the time, but 5 years later there’s no doubt it’s saved lots of wear, and saved me $$ from more work down the line.

He’s smart, he makes the right long-term choices for his patients, he invests a LOT in technology and training for him and his staff, and he spends a lot of time. The front-office staff and assistants are awesome.

A few more things… no metal fillings, not because he’s an anti-mercury nut, but he makes a strong case for the composite fillings being better overall. He’s not cheap: your first visit will be incredibly comprehensive, and you’ll pay for it. He calls me personally after every procedure to check my comfort. When I had an emergency (it turned into a root canal), I called him on a Sunday when he was on vacation… he still called me personally within the hour to get me treated properly. I could go on and on…


Your staff is great!

Dr. Birnbach , I want to thank you for your excellent work in repairing my cracked tooth and for the professionalism of your staff.

I’ve been your patient for fifteen years and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for my dental care. They are the best!

This is the only dentist and staff that I would have treat me, my family, and friends.

Everyone here makes sure you feel comfortable and are friendly, positive people.

Very professional and friendly.

I’ve been a patient for over 25 years. I’ve recommended this office to others.

As a patient of many years at this practice, I’m convinced that this is the best dental care that I have received over my 66 years on the planet!

Standard of Excellence in many areas of service.

Everyone is so friendly and cares. I’ve been going here for 20 years.

Excellent staff, up to date procedures, excellent training.

They provide great service.

Really first class care, restorations, etc.

Dr. Birnbach is very competent and follows up if there are dental problems in a very concerned way.

They work with my schedule and help in emergencies. Excellent work and quality!

Best around, especially if dental phobic.

You are all top notch, thanks again for the wonderful and quick service. I feel like one of the family.

I always have a wonderful experience and have always received excellent service.

You are all the best.

Dr. Birnbach and his whole team are ALWAYS professional and friendly. J

Thank you Mark, You are fantastic and so is your wonderful staff, I always feel well taken care of and appreciate every ones expertise.

You run a great office, excellent staff, very sensitive to my discomfort issues, (Am not used to this level of that, keeps surprising me) Thanks!

Prior to being treated at your office Mark, I have had a long standing fear of dentists, as evidence by the deplorable condition of my teeth when I first came to you. From the cleaning experience, which Diana made not only painless but a true pleasure, the extensive work that you and your lovely and capable assistants performed on me, I have never had such good, caring treatment administered with kindness and respect. Thank you so very much for exposing me to what in my opinion everyone should experience. Your staff all reflect the high standard of care and consideration that is clearly your personal philosophy, from the wonderful front office staff (the ladies are fabulous) to all those working hands on with your patients. Thank you again so very much…..I feel like I’ve gone to see the wizard and had my wish granted.

To the Maestro of Mastication, the Nabob of Novocain, the King of Crowns and indisputably the best dentist in Boulder, and his truly amazing staff – Thank you all very much for your care, your professionalism, and just being really nice people.

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