NuCalm Relaxation Dentistry

NuCalm is a revolutionary product that allows us to work on our patients in their most relaxed and calm environment. NuCalm’s technology uses neuroscience to help you relax and rest through your appointment by putting your mind at ease. NuCalm does not use any sedative or narcotic and it allows our patients to drive themselves to and from our office and also allows them to return to work that same day.

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NuCalm relaxation system

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm is the only patented system that allows us to control the autonomic nervous system. That’s what’s commonly referred to as your “involuntary” nervous system, and it controls many aspects of your body that function automatically. It also controls your anxiety response.

NuCalm utilizes four elements:

  • All-natural supplements or skin cream
  • Micro-pulse stimulation to facilitate relaxation (CES)
  • Noise canceling headphones with proprietary neuroacoustic software
  • Light blocking eye masks

The ingredients in the supplement or skin cream include natural sleep hormones that your body can produce. These are taken from food sources, so they’re all-natural and very safe. CES has been used as a therapy device for anxiety and insomnia for more than 50 years. It is safe and very effective.

The neuroacoustic software feeds your brain-specific beats embedded in music or peaceful sounds. The brain naturally follows these beats, achieving a brainwave pattern associated with near sleep or deep meditation, although you’re unlikely to actually sleep.

The light-blocking eye mask helps keep light out of your eyes that could otherwise make you anxious.

Benefits of NuCalm

NuCalm is an exciting new technology that gives dentists an alternative to traditional sedation methods to combat patient anxiety. It can offer many of the benefits of sedation, such as:

  • Reduced gag reflex
  • Greater ease in getting numb
  • Reduced tension in jaw, neck, back, and arms

But the benefits of NuCalm go far beyond those of traditional sedation. Many people who use NuCalm report that they:

  • Have increased energy
  • Sleep better
  • Have greater creativity
  • Have positive mood

After using NuCalm. Although NuCalm is widely used in dentists’ offices, there are many people who just use NuCalm at home to help them maintain their energy and mood. It has been used by cancer victims to control discomfort and improve mood. It has been used by sports teams like the Chicago Blackhawks to help players rest and recover between games. It’s even been used by motivational speaker Tony Robbins to help him maintain his energy during his draining speaking tours.

Try NuCalm at your next dental appointment, and you’ll see a huge change in your attitude and mood. Who knows, your dentist visit may come to be the most relaxing thing on your schedule, the one you look forward to all week.

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