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Tooth Repair & Restoration in Boulder, CO

Dental crowns and dental bridges are two tooth repair & restoration options available at our Boulder, CO dental office. Dental crowns are used to cover and protect a damaged or decayed tooth, while dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. These procedures can help restore your smile back to its original beauty and function!

Thanks to the advancement of dental technology, dental crowns, and dental bridges can now be made to be undetectable. In the past, crowns required a metal core (for strength) and then the porcelain was baked onto it. The problem with these crowns and bridges is that the metal is opaque — that is, it doesn’t let light pass through it. That’s why these crowns look unnatural — the dark line is visible at the gum line. In a natural tooth, some of the light is absorbed by the tooth, and some are reflected. Because the porcelain crowns are translucent, they mimic a natural tooth and blend in beautifully.


Dental Crowns vs. Bridges

When considering dental crowns and bridges for tooth repair and restoration, it's important to understand the differences between the two procedures. Dental crowns are primarily used to cover and protect damaged or decayed teeth, while dental bridges are employed to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental Crowns:

  • Used to cover and protect damaged or decayed teeth

  • Ideal for restoring the shape, size, and strength of a tooth

  • Can also improve the appearance of a tooth

  • Custom-made to fit each individual tooth

  • Help prolong the life of a compromised tooth

Dental Bridges:

  • Used to replace one or more missing teeth

  • Help restore the ability to chew and speak properly

  • Maintain the shape of your face

  • Prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of place

  • Provide a natural-looking solution to tooth loss


Our Process

At Boulder Smiles, we follow a meticulous process to ensure that your dental crown or bridge treatment is personalized, precise, and successful. Your journey to a restored smile begins with a thorough consultation with our experienced dentists. During this initial appointment, we take the time to understand your dental concerns, goals, and preferences. We will conduct a detailed examination of your oral health to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Once your crown or bridge design is finalized, our team collaborates with trusted dental laboratories to fabricate your restoration piece. Using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, we craft your crown or bridge to precise specifications. During the fitting appointment, we ensure the restoration fits comfortably and functions optimally within your smile. Our commitment to your oral health extends beyond the completion of your treatment. We provide comprehensive post-treatment care instructions to help you maintain your crown or bridge for years to come.


Why Choose Us

Choosing our dental practice for your crown and bridge needs means choosing excellence in care and results. Our dentists are skilled professionals with a focus on delivering exceptional outcomes for every patient. We understand the importance of restoring not just your teeth, but also your confidence in your smile. With our expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction, you can trust us to provide effective dental solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Enhancing Your Smile With Confidence

Whether you need a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth or a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, our focus is on enhancing your smile with confidence. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction in every step of the treatment process, from initial consultation to final restoration. With our expertise and personalized approach, you can achieve a smile that not only looks great but also functions beautifully.

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Dental crowns and bridges offer a natural and effective solution for tooth repair and restoration. With our dedication to quality care and modern techniques, we provide our patients in Boulder with the highest standards of dental treatment. Trust us to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts. Visit our office today to discover the transformative power of natural-looking dental crowns and bridges.

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