Smile Makeover



A smile makeover can be something as small as teeth whitening to as big a project as restoring all your mouth's teeth. If you're considering the latter option, it's crucial that you evaluate your entire mouth — not just your teeth. Different factors like how your temporomandibular joints operate can impact whether or not your brand-new smile will actually function properly. Ignoring these bigger details could lead to unappealing side effects down the road, such as headaches and jaw pain.

Problem – Not happy with your smile

Solution – Porcelain Veneers

There are numerous aspects to consider for your perfect smile — such as what the golden proportion and shape, color, contour, and length you desire. Before any treatment begins, you should be able to view a duplicate of the result in wax form (or through a computer-generated image) so that changes can possibly be made before finalizing anything. Once treatment starts, it's always good to re-evaluate the provisional/temporary smile so alterations can be completed if needed.

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