Patient Testimonials

I’ve had a lot of dental procedures, especially since I have head/neck chemo-radiation treatments. I’ve had so many crowns since my teeth have become brittle after my treatments, so having several dentists doing this work over the years, I had low expectations today. Although my initial visit was very different than any previous visits, meaning the time and effort to get all questions and an understanding that this dentist office is different than any I’ve been to before. From having a blanket put over my legs to all the personal care from each staff member, this is not your father’s dentist. I had four teeth worked on for crown work all on the right side and to my surprise, the numbness wore off very easily and quicker after leaving the office than I’ve ever experienced before. Now 8 hours after the procedure, I can barely tell that I had any work done. Typically, I would not comment on any medical treatment I’ve had as I have been through so many, but if you are looking for a first rate experience in dentistry, BoulderSmiles with Dr. Birnbach and team will take the sting out of your dentist visit.