Smile Makeover Boulder, CO

A smile makeover can be as simple as whitening one’s teeth, to as complex as completely restoring all the teeth. In the latter situation, whether the teeth are broken, or misaligned, or full of different colored materials, or worn down, it is imperative that the entire mouth is evaluated, including the temporomandibular joints. Without taking everything into consideration, an attractive smile may not be functional — i.e., chewing can be compromised, the restorations may fail, and headaches or jaw pain can result.

Patient's smile before and after veneersProblem – Not happy with your smile
Solution Porcelain Veneers

There are many factors to consider in the final smile — the desires of the individual as to shape, color, contour, length, the golden proportion just to name a few. Before the treatment has begun, one should be able to see a duplicate of the desired result in wax (a mock up) or a computer-generated image or both. Once treatment has begun, the provisional/temporary smile should be re-evaluated so that changes can be made before the final restorations are placed.


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